The Association Horizons Croisés is a structure which organizes events musical as its name implies, it promotes diversity and mixing music.

Founded in 2005 Horizons Crusaders began with the desire to live shows, thus favoring a certain friendliness that we often seem neglected. But it is above all, a lack of obvious performances accessible to all.


Horizons crossed just to support local artists promoting their access to the scene by offering firsts parties before international artists. More than association, Association Horizons Croisés is a family backgrounds and different cultures, that in recent years, strives to give the best of herself, refining his professionalism, which only adds to his motivation. Our diversity is our greatest strength, it allows us to evolve towards new ideas, while maintaining authenticity. Association Horizons Croisés is open to all styles of music Reggae, Ragga, Rap, Electro, Scene Francaise, African Music, Jazz, Blues etc … We live in a multi-domain and purely musical eclecticism.


Association Horizons Croisés organizes the annual festival day urban Orsay which takes place every year on the first Saturday of July.